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tv   [untitled]    January 28, 2014 6:00am-6:31am PST

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proposal, two versions they are virtually identical with one modest change, the idea was to impose a one percent fee on the price of the vehicles, to be collected just like the vlf has done and it is a new tax. if the voters approved it. the funding will be appropriated or directed in the measure, i want to say, 40, 20 percent to the counties and 20 percent to the cities, and i think that i have got that wrong. the total is 60 percent goes to local governments so it is 25 for cities and 25 for county and 10 percent to transit with the 40 percent going into the state highway reconstruction. that measure is, it has gone through the legislative analyst review for revenue estimates and impacts. and late last night, the attorney general released their title and summary, it was 100 word summary that goes on the petition and as i understand
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it, the organization will be going in the field to pull and see if there is anything in that language that either gives them promise that it might pass or conversely, presents a problem and may elect not to succeed. >> and they will know in the next week if that is something that will move forward and finally, on high speed rail, i think that there are a couple of developments and first, the development in the early fall with the legal decisions that were negative wards the release of the additional state bounds, and based on an inadequate funding plan and so the high speed rail authority is developing a new one and we will take it back to the court for consideration, and that is kind of a hiatus and we get that done and there have been
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two initiatives introduced to the attorney general's office. within the next week or two. we want to reallocate the existing bonds that remain and spend it on a high new technology infrastructure and it is a tube system that they hope to see voters approve. the second one was just launched this last week by, and republican and someone in the member of the public and southern member of california who is running for congress and his will bring the program to a halt. so *, i am not sure who is going to back him on that other than it will give him a stake in his campaign. and that is where it stands, the contractor on the first contract will shortly be breaking ground now by north of bakersfield and that project will be funded with the federal aid that was promised and provided to california in lieu
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of the prop one a bonds, since those are held up right now and so that project will proceed as far as i can tell. and as i indicated the governor is providing additional money, if it is approved by the legislature to continue the right-of-way to get to the next construction segment of that very first phase. so with that, i bring my report to a close and answer any questions. >> well that was very thoughtful report. are there any other questions or concerns? okay. thank you, for your report. >> thank you very much. >> good morning, chair and commissioners i just wanted to alert you to an e-mail that i had sent last night to your offices to give you a heads up about a conference and this is our annual trip with mtc and our chamber of commerce to washington, d.c. and a trip to sacramento to organize the advocacy for the city and the mayor's office and mtc and the other organization to advise you and we will be bringing to
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get a legislative platform to you next month and those of you who may be interested, the dates are march 9th, and i believe march 9th through 12th at the mtc trip and followed by the chamber of commerce trip and i encourage you to come and join the delegation. >> thank you. >> all right. madam clerk, you can take public comment on item five. >> let's open the floor for public comment on item five. the information that was presented. seeing none, public comment is closed. >> madam clerk, could you call item six? >> introduction of new items this is an information item. >> are there any questions? >> comments? introductions? >> none. and are there any members of the public that would like to speak on item six? >> okay. seeing none, public comment is closed. >> madam clerk sh there any other item to call. >> item 7, public comment. >> general public comment at this time. >> okay, public comment is
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closed. thank you. >> madam clerk, is there any other business before the committee. >> no. item eight adjournment. thank you. >> this meeting is ajournd.. >> now i am. okay. this is a meeting of recreation & park commission would the secretary please call the roll >> commissioner president buell that were commissioner low. commissioner bonilla. commissioner harrison. commissioner levitan. and commissioner mcdonnell.
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so we are now on - well, let me read a coupling couple of announcements. welcome today is a special meeting of the recreation & park commission for thursday, january 23, 2014. we ask you turn off any sound producing devices they can go off during the meeting and be disrupt. you will each have how many minutes >> can i see a raise of hands how many people plan to testify? so 3 minutes >> so he each person will have 3 minutes an any public comment? and we ask you address our comments to the commission. they will not answer any questions during any public comment? but they will ask staff to
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respond. and we are on tempo 2 the president report >> thank you. inasmuch as this room is going to be occupied later this afternoon i'm going to make my comments very, very belief and would encourage people 87 if they don't have a full 3 minutes of '87 they do the same but not to minimize the importance of our testimony. i want to thank my fellow commissioners for the work they did last year in serving on committees and going out of their way for public febt and spend time at organizedometers that dealt dealt with park. but every standard of measurement from bond issue to report cards from audits by the city the parks have never been
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in better shape and i want to congratulate the staff the government didn't only a the systems difficult meeting where the public weighs in and i've said before and again everybody in san francisco loves their parks and they all have something to say and railway do two people agree so we try to do our best. so on many not happy new year i landmark to a prosperous >> commissioner did you want to hear 12 a and b together. >> i want you to explain you how many minutes. >> any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. we are on item 3 the general manager's report >> happy new year commissioners
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and at the for your comments commissioner president buell on behalf of the staff we very much appreciate the recognition and it is a labor of love truly it's an honor and privilege to at the ward in. a few announcements not spirit of new year we're well past january 1st and on to chinese new year. and betty rec center a senior dance on february 5th between 1 and 3. we have a which they think so celebration on saturday from 1130 and all those are free and that includes arts and crafts
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and kids mists where we have our clock celebration on february 12th and our chinese new year's event on basketball players all free. next month we'll be slob black history month the celebration will be on february 15th we will be celebrated the holiday at the rec center and with the western community featuring spoken word performances and traditionally food. you can visit sf park owing for this events. earlier we announced a new citywide agricultural program we've been tasked with leading and providing urban farmer
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programs to encourage families to learner about healthy sustainable seafoods here. in addition to the gardens this program includes the establishing an urban center and streamlining a weighless program for urban farmer projects. i'm very pleased to welcome hannah our new program coordinator who began with the city on tuesday and i city can't find her on e-mail. she was with the urban sprouts probation officer department and prior to her time hannah coordinated an urban farmers
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association and with prison activities and she as a bachelors from a college and studied the food sustainable systems. she was with with the alliance of agricultural. on urban agricultural unu i had the opportunity to go with a couple of rec and park starved to orange county great park an incredible model of the program. a couple the highlight were great parks farm for fresh produce from the one hundred acre sold at the farmer's market and donated to local food banks and a partners with an
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association for food deserts in cities where people are located more than a mile from a supermarket who don't have a car. the farm is a operated and a orange county operation. we visited the farm and food lab which is an agricultural garden that offers themed planters with fruits and vegetables and a pizza and spaghetti garden where they look. and other things fruit sallied garden and the lab was an amazing exhibit welcoming both students and kids but people of all ages. it was a reminder of how much potential we have in the city
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and our golden gate park is off to a good start with hannah's leadership i'm excited about the prospect of becoming an even more significant player in the urban agricultural movement. we had a number of retirees in the department i don't know if any one of them are here but they all made incredible contributions i want to recognize many folks john and a truck driver and a crafts instructor steve parks and carla a recreation supervisor and romo washington and neil mar are both gardeners. i want to graduate them on their
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incredible careers. i hope they don't learn from commissioner president buell they won't learn much. i want to recognize their professional service >> are any of them in the audience. >> they're not here today. >> please will express the commissions gratitude. >> someone who is here we have our quarterly program kim do you want to do it. ray from under our leadership kim has a quarterly recognition program where employees are pure
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animated for their contributions and on their fema at home of active living i'm excited to recognize today levy johnson who is the coordinator and was appointed in august 2010. the department had a new leader services but liv i was assigned the recreation. his primary things are jogging ca a and liv i has assistant with our parks program and correct me if i am wrong levy is now in 12 >> we run 8 classes perry week and by the end of the year there will be more.
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>> pretty amazing in golden gate park was attended by my wife and daughter they wouldn't let me attend because they said i have no rhythm. >> anyway there are free coming by a classes. there's a national best practice for free walks and those al at risk for chronic disease and he has the wellness grant for free classes. he's been highly involved with our public health department and he's been instrumental for the department encouraging staff to lead happier healthyier lives and i saw others participating
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in this i was not loud because i'm not with rhythm. you, you know, the other thing i spent 3 days in washington, d.c. at a child obesity yes, ma'am possum. your children are the first generation with a shorter life expensecy first generation. one out of 3 american children a obese. this is a particular concern in communities of color and as and city and community it's something we need to do better and we need to make sure our kids are getting outside and getting the physical activity and eating right. today, we focused on the birth
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of our urban agricultural program that will hopefully help our child enjoy food and today, we celebrate with levy to get our kids outside. so levy on behalf of the department congratulations (clapping) congratulations. well thanks again. first, i want to say thank you to my boss mr. jim without his
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faith in me running all those programs it wouldn't be possibly and again, a huge thank you to all my 26 staff without them teaching it wouldn't be possible. i want to take this award on behalf of them as well. so again, thank you (clapping.) and now the fabulous jamie is one off our coming by a park instructors and had the pleasure of leading the program that my own family attend on saturday and she got rave reviews. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ (children cheering) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (people talking). happy new year ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ happy new year ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ happy 2014 >> happy new year and that concludes the general manager's report. >> is there anyone who wants to make a any public comment on the general manager's report seeing none, public comment is closed. we're on item 4 which is general public comment. we will use up to 15 minutes at that time, and that time, and public may address the commission on matters that are within the commission's jurisdiction and are not on today's agenda with respect to agenda items your opportunity will be afforded with the item is reached in the meeting.
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i have 5 cards (calling names) if you would come on up and we'll get started >> good afternoon, everyone commissioners. i'm mark on here on behalf of responsible dog owners and i've submitted signatures that i gathered at the park in support of this request. we're asking the commission to grant us at the christopher playground the upper douglas park has been closed and it will not reopen for 6 more months.
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and this walter dog park is the only alternative. nicknamed the prison generated. it's indisputeable for the reason for the aggressive dogs and foul odors. as of late a park rancher at christopher park said they have to leash their dangerous or be fined and this is when the parks are deserted. many of us have had our dogs at the park for thirty years. we've seen signs with restrict active words towards pets and an increased leash law. we are offend to go to another park outside of your neighborhood or we use the
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prison yard at walter. we don't want to create a dog park but we want to play with our pets without being fined $250. we suggest the park rancher focus on dog-walkers who don't have control of large dogs vicious or dangerous daubz dangerous or the upon thater scooper laws. we think that dewy boss park has a simple solution with the designated dog park area rigging no fencing. the good neighborhoods sign might read dogs must retain on
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leash during organized games tea event and absolutely no dogs in the children's play area. it includes adequate off time off leash time for the dogs to keep them healthy. i want to remember the spap had a successful year in 2013 there were more adaptations >> you're out of time. >> we've received our petition and comments i want staff to follow up on that requires certain responsibility on the part of park users to come together. >> richard and a commissioners i'm richard rothman i'm a resident of a district one and 2
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items have to do with this district. i live across the street from the playground and our brand new playground that opposite side costs $4.5 million we don't have a gardner. we've been asking for one it might be on the rec and park chart there's one nobody's come out. we're only asking for one person to come 4 hours per week. i hope this issue can be resolved soon to i noticed take a look the bus down today at park presidio i guess there were two employees they had the vests on at ca brill and a filling stone street.
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the next one there's water damage f to the murals and before they can be fixed the murals we need to fix the month sdafk florescent of the building and not in the art collection so i think it's rec and park responsibility and finally, the good news is thanks to the art commission and alison in rec and park and the general manager thank you for submitting the historic preservation application to receive a grant to do a study of the mothers building and if that's grants approved we'll do the assessment of study to get it fixed >> thank you. (calling names) >> good afternoon
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commissioners. i'm stephanie the co- coordinator for the san francisco alliance and the founder of allied garden. hopefully, this will be the beginning of february but i'm here to say we're excited about the new position and we as the u aa has the 50 organization of the meeting and levy has helped us create this position and we've excited to support you guys in whatever we can and looking forward to the success >> thank you. >> next speaker >> good afternoon. i'm kevin a board members of the human rights organization at the 16th and mission and an executive director of the gastrofestivity
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e festival started 6 years ago and now emerged with a german company. i've been teaching a class on upper agricultural and it's transform active kids who don't know how to handle an ax and really having their lives transformed they talk about being able to plant seeds and see the stuff grow and eat the food how it's changed their lives. basically my folks want to support of the urban agricultural program and help you guys in supporting hannah and supporting the program. thank you >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm eli i'm the foods and syst


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